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Sammie Investments LLC v. Strategica Capital Associates, Inc.

Florida Court of Appeals, Third District

May 9, 2018

Sammie Investments, LLC, a Florida Limited Liability Company, Appellant,
Strategica Capital Associates, Inc., Appellee.

         Not final until disposition of timely filed motion for rehearing.

          An Appeal from a non-final order from the Circuit Court for Miami-Dade County, Lower Tribunal No. 17-14434 Barbara Areces, Judge.

          Borowski & Traylor, P.A., and T.A. Borowski, Jr., and Darryl Steve Traylor, Jr., (Pensacola), for appellant.

          Pathman Lewis, LLP, and Aaron W. Tandy, and John A. Moore, for appellee.

          Before SALTER, EMAS, and LINDSEY, JJ.

          LINDSEY, J.

         Sammie Investments, LLC appeals the trial court's order granting Strategica Capital Associates, LLC's motion for temporary injunctive relief rendered in this breach of contract action. The order directed Sammie to turn over $200, 000 of the proceeds derived from the sale of real property to its counsel to be held in its counsel's trust account pending further order of the trial court. Because irreparable harm does not exist and Strategica has an adequate remedy at law, we reverse the entry of the temporary injunction.

         I. BACKGROUND

         Strategica sued Sammie and its manager, Mary Moulton, in a six-count complaint filed on June 15, 2017. Stategica brought three counts against Sammie for breach of contract, two counts against Ms. Moulton for misrepresentation and unjust enrichment, and one count against Sammie and Ms. Moulton for declaratory judgment. Thereafter, on June 21, 2017, Strategica filed a verified emergency motion for injunctive relief on the basis it provided services and advanced funds on behalf of Sammie and its affiliated companies and entities (the "Moulton entities") in exchange for a twenty percent interest in the profits of Sammie. Strategica claimed that Sammie's only asset was its investment in and co-manager position of 9 Mile-NF Joint Venture LLC ("9 Mile"). 9 Mile was purportedly poised to sell real property (the "9-Mile property") and Strategica sought the entry of an injunction to prohibit Sammie from distributing the proceeds of that sale.

         Seven days later, Sammie filed a response asserting it did not agree to grant Strategica an interest in twenty percent of the gross amount it received and argued that a profits interest in it is separate and distinct from a twenty percent assignment of the proceeds of its interest in 9 Mile. Ms. Moulton filed an affidavit in support of Sammie's response, stating that no written agreement was ever executed by the parties.

         Although Sammie conceded that Strategica advanced $75, 000 for the benefit of the Moulton entities, it claimed substantial factual disputes existed as to the alleged agreement's terms, performance, and remedies. Sammie also asserted it has other ongoing business activities. As such, Strategica contended, even assuming Sammie is correct, there is no basis for the entry of a temporary injunction because money damages provide an adequate remedy at law and irreparable harm does not exist where the potential loss is compensable by money damages.

         On August 3, 2017, the trial court held an evidentiary hearing on Strategica's injunction motion.[1] The trial court considered an engagement letter and a supplemental agreement from September 2015, neither of which is signed by, or mentions Sammie, as well as emails from November of 2015. The engagement letter from Strategica was addressed to Ms. Moulton and James C. Moulton, who signed the letter as President of Moulton Properties, Inc. and affiliates. The supplemental agreement was allegedly between Strategica and the Moulton Entities. The emails include an exchange between Strategica's executive vice president, Steven Cook, and its counsel. Mr. Cook testified that although Strategica exchanged drafts with Sammie, they never reached an agreement on the disposition of the proceeds of the sale of the 9 Mile property. He further testified that based on the 9 Mile property closing statement, Strategica is owed "slightly over $200, 000" from the sale. Mr. Cook also opined that Sammie did not have operations other than this investment in 9 Mile.

         Thereafter, on August 29, 2017, the trial court entered the order granting Strategica's motion for temporary injunctive relief, wherein the trial court found that Strategica satisfied its burden of showing:

a. the likelihood of irreparable harm and the unavailability of an adequate remedy at law based on the testimony presented regarding the limited ...

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